Series Briefing

Located on the Cyonid Spiral Arm, the Dharma System has ten planets orbiting a large Red Giant star of unusual magnitude. The Dharman Colony prospect ( Noted by the green arrow) was established on planet number six, with a Waystation (W) constructed just beyond the orbit of planet seven. As always, the stellar gate (G) for all shifted traffic to the system is located beyond planet ten.

Primary system mining asset:

Extensive deposits of Mylanthus Crystal

Colony Status:

Safe Zone Established on Dharma VI, 1.20.2127

Wild Zone presently uncertified for human habitation.

Stage I & II Certification complete.

Awaiting final certification for mining permits pending outcome of ongoing Special Services Inspection tour, by order of Outreach Director Simonsen.


Solar Flux Event GBE-04-20-2085 has destroyed SATCOM links and reliable communications are only possible via targeted laser signal. Navigation remains viable with sensor data return still within nominal parameters.

Navy Frigate Achilles dispatched with SS Agent LTG Ryan for insertion and recon to Safe Zone. Status of colony remains unknown as of SEC 18:20 Hours, 0510-2127.

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Wild Zone

Mother Heart